About A Hippo on Campus

Andrew Watt is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne where he is investigating diagnostic measures for Alzheimer's disease, and a few other neurodegenerative conditions. He has a background in genetics and psychology and has even dabbled in documentary film-making, although that was quite some time ago now. 

For many years Andrew has had a, some would say unhealthy, fascination with the human brain. And in an effort to share his fascination he created A Hippo on Campus.

From neuropsychology to neurobiology, and beyond. A Hippo on Campus is Andrew's attempt to discuss the quirky and at times whimsical world of scientific enquiry into the human brain.  

Andrew is also Medicine, Neuroscience and Psychology Editor for ScienceSeeker.org and the Media and Communications Manager for the SOBR Network. You can connect with Andrew on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn or contact him at hippooncampus@gmail.com. 


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